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Manipulator Stacking
Automatic destacking machine and destacking conveyor

名称:Automatic destacking machine and destacking conveyor


I.The automatic destacking machine has the characteristics of high positioning accuracy, fast running speed and large working range.

1.waist frame structure makes the robot stand more stable and is easy to rotate and move.

2.The ingenious design of the articulated structure allows the telescopic range in the arm reach the limit.

3.Cylindrical coordinate system, unloading area is clear, more suitable for unloading operations.

4.The driving motor and the reduction transmission structure are all placed in upper loaction, so that the arm move lightly and the mechanical inertia is small, which is convenient for rapid acceleration and deceleration and rapid movement.

5.Rich variety of gripping forms make it can be widely used in petrochemical, pharmacy, feed, building materials and other industries.

Main application range

1.Bag packaging: chemical, fertilizer, feed, foodstuff, building materials, etc.;

2.Box packaging: beer, beverage, dairy, medicine, etc.;

3.Others, can be customized according to customer needs.

II.The destacking conveyor consists of a storage conveyor,  material hoist, material hopper, bag conveyor, and shovel collector.

Work processing

Firstly, the forklift put the material on the storage conveyor, and then transported to the material lifting machine through the storage conveyor. The material lifting machine lift the material bag to the inlet of the material sub-packing machine. The sub-packing machine discharge single packaging bag on the stack, and the dropped packaging bags are conveyed to the next device after being conveyed by the bag conveyor; then after the sub-packing machine dividing the bags stack pallet returns to the original state, and then completed collection by the pallet collector,  this is a workflow.

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