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Manipulator Stacking
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Mobile stacker

名称:Mobile stacker


I.Working principle of mobile stacker

Place the pallet in the pallet library, and the pallet library automatically transports the pallet to the chain conveyor line for waiting for stacking. The stacking drum line is docked with the existing production line of the factory. After the material box is in place, the robot will pick the box according to the requirement of the customer. After the stacking is completed, the pallet chain conveying line outputs the pallet, and finally the forklift turn over the pallet.

The mobile stacker uses a four-axis truss structure. The robot can move up and down, left and right, and rotate to meet the specifications of different pallets. The robot can withstand 30-80KG load with stacking speed about 350-500 boxes/hour.

II.Stacking robot

The stacking robot can neatly and automatically stack or destack the packaged goods of different sizes on the pallet or production line, etc.. In order to make full use of the area of the pallet and the stability of the stack material, the robot has a material pallet sequence and an arrangement setter which can meet the requirement of stacking different material with different form and different speed. It is used in product handling, stacking, etc. and widely used in chemical, plastic, building materials, medicine, food, battery materials and other fields.

The ability of stacking robot is higher than that of ordinary mechanical stacking and manpower. The structure is very simple, so the failure rate is low, easy to maintain and repair. The main components has few parts so the maintenance cost is very low. The stacking robot can be placed in a narrow space for effective use. All controls can be operated on the control cabinet screen, and the operation is very simple. It has strong versatility: It can complete the stacking or destacking of different goods by replacing the gripper of the robot that reduces the purchase cost of the customer.




Max capacity


Max rotating radium


Valid load


Max load


Control axis quantity


Installation mode

Base or floor type



Memory ability


Display mode

Hand movement

Max stacking height


Protection level

Whole-Seal, IP67

Gripper specs

Two-set-paw gripper

Base specs

1136x850mm, carbon steel base

Equipment weight




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