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About us

Anqiu Bo Yang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, is a professional packing machine manufacturer for material of powder, granular, paste or block, as well as conveying machine and automatic warehousing and logistics machinery and environmental protection machinery. It is also a science and technology innovation enterprise integrate of international business, e-commerce and internet marketing. Now it is listed enterprise on the Qilu Stock Exchange Center, Shandong “High-New Tech” enterprise, CA “Good-product” Authentication enterprise, Shandong innovation company of “one enterprise -one technology”, Weifang super pilot enterprise of intellectual property right, etc. It also got prize of science and technology promotion of Shandong and super rich brand at both sides of Taiwan. Straits in 2017.     

Boyang focus on technology research & development, under leading of Weifang Science and Technology Bureau it set up Weifang Packing Mechanical Engineering Technology Center, founded “Boyang Packing Equipment Research Center with Shandong University, established Boyang Mechanical Robot Research Center with Shandong Academy of Sciences, set up Robot Research Institute with Jinan University, and we have all-round cooperation of machinery research, manufacturing and marketing with Japanese company of エ-グロツプ.This company has applied for more than 100 national patents in the past two years , in which more than 30 innovation patents, and two items has passed approval of national science and technology achievements and have been rated as Leading Level in China. 

Products we manufactured such as automatic quantitative packaging machine, powder packaging machine, vacuum packing machine, ton-bag packing machine, bulk material packing machine, tube chain conveyor, automatic destacker, vertical hoist and other professional equipment , suitable for chemical, pharmacy, plastics, rubber, feedstuff, coal, cement, etc. it has obvious advantage for packing material with high air content and difficult for packing, such as non-metal powder, ultrafine powder, nanometer powder, etc. We continuously explore and innovate and develop a special bag packaging equipment production line integrating lifting, conveying, dust removal, packaging, stacking, destacking, loading, warehousing and logistics, that can provide all-round solutions for baggage material packaging, handling, loading and unloading technology for warehouses, docks, railway platform, etc., and can also customize the overall solution for unpacking and conveying for the majority of users. They can meet the needs of users in various aspects, save various material costs, storage costs, labor costs and logistics costs, achieve better results in environmental protection, and meet the requirements policies of national energy conservation and environmental protection.
Take the international market as the guide, focus on energy conservation, environmental protection and efficiency improvement", actively adjust the development strategy and marketing methods of the company, and expand the domestic market while continuously expanding the business of the international market. The company has set up an international business department in Qingdao, which is responsible for the development of the international market. The marketing network covers more than 20 countries including Africa, Central Asia, East Asia and Southeast Asia, including Mongolia, Yemen, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Myanmar and Bangladesh. More than 20 countries and regions. 
Face to today, we strive to create; looking to the future, we are full of confidence. In order to be leader of packing machine we persistently forging ahead.

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