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Anqiu BoYang machinery manufacturing co., LTD., founded in 2008, is a professional manufacturing (powder, granular, paste, block) material packaging machinery, transportation machinery, automatic warehousing logistics machinery, environmental protection machinery research and development production enterprise, is also a set of import and export of international trade, e-commerce, Internet marketing in the integration of science and technology innovation enterprise.

The company has applied for more than 100 national patents in the past two years, of which 27 are invention patents. Two products have passed the national scientific and technological achievements appraisal, and have been rated as "leading in China". Company continuously explore, innovation developed set of ascension, conveying, dust removal, packing, loading, storage, logistics as one of the special bag packaging production line equipment, such as for warehouse, dock, railway cargo station to provide packaged materials such as packaging, handling, loading and unloading etc all-around solution, and can also be for the general user personalization for unpacking conveying overall scheme, for the enterprise to save all kinds of material cost, storage cost, artificial cost and logistics costs, achieve good effect in environmental protection, in line with the requirements of national energy conservation and environmental protection policy. 

Boyang Machinery will rely on mega data, Internet of Things, cloud computing, resource information sharing platform and the concept and way of thinking of "5G technology + Internet + intelligent manufacturing + customized services", with scientific and technological innovation as the core, supported by brand strategy, refined marketing strategy, talent strategy and information strategy, to achieve high-end equipment manufacturing The industry supply chain, industry chain of everything interconnected, to strive to be the leader of the intelligent equipment manufacturing industry all the way forward.

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