Heavy load tube chain conveyor

Name:Heavy load tube chain conveyor


I.Tube chain conveyor

The Tube chain conveyor conveyor is used for conveying bulk materials such as powder, small particles and small blocks, which can be transported horizontally, obliquely and vertically. In the closed pipe, the chain is used as the driven part to carry the material along the pipe. When transported horizontally, the material particles are subjected to the thrust of the chain in the direction of motion. When the internal friction between the material layers is greater than the external friction between the material and the pipe wall, the material moves forward with the chain to form a stable flow; when vertically transported, the material particles in the pipe are pushed upward by the chain because the lower part feeding material prevents the upper material from sliding down, and the lateral side pressure is generated, so enhance the internal frictions of the material. When the internal friction between the materials is greater than the friction between the material and the inner wall of the tube and the weight of the material, the material is transported upward with the chain. A continuous stream is formed. This product has applied for national patents, patent name: one Tube chain conveyor conveyor, patent number: ZL201420496494.8, ZL201420496494.2.


1.Compact structure, small footprint, can change the conveying direction in three dimensions, independent of terrain, angle and height; the conveying process is carried out in a closed pipeline, the material is non-polluting, no dust flying;

2.The conveying process is balanced, no internal movement between the materials, less damage, ensuring material quality, suitable for abrasive materials;

3.No system blockage, suitable for conveying a variety of materials;

4.The material mixture is transported without material delamination;

5.Large conveying capacity, low energy consumption, greatly reducing equipment operating costs;

6.All moving parts are operated in a closed space, safe and reliable;

7.Long distance transport;

8.Multiple inlets and outlet ports can be deployed to meet process requirements;

9.Easy to achieve centralized control, improve automation.

III. Application scope

1.Rubber and plastics industry: PP, PVC, PE and other powders, ABS, PC, PP, PE, and other particles;
2.Building materials: cement, clay, yellow sand, quartz sand, silicon powder, calcium carbonate powder, dolomite powder, wood chips, glass wool, silica, etc;

3.Fine chemicals: dyes, pigments, coatings, carbon black, titanium pigments, iron oxide, ceramic powder, heavy calcium carbonate, fine particles of calcium carbonate, bentonite, activated carbon;

4.Pesticides: urea, ammonium chloride, ammonium bicarbonate, soda ash, solid pesticides;

5.Food industry: flour, starch, cereals, milk powder, food additives, fish oil, etc;

6.Metal powders: tungsten powder, copper ore powder, coal powder, massive phosphate, alumina, etc;

IV. Advantages compared to other conveyors?

1.Good sealing: The whole system runs in a closed pipeline, no leakage, no dust, and can be filled with gas to protect the conveying materials and avoid environmental dust pollution;

2.Energy saving: point contact between conveyor chain plate and conveying pipe, low friction and low power consumption;

3.Three-dimensional conveying: horizontal, inclined, vertical, turning and other combined conveying methods;

4.Volumetric conveying: The material is not squeezed to ensure the integrity of the material;

5.The structure is simple: the drive chassis and the driven chassis have a simple structure, low failure rate, convenient operation, long service life and low maintenance rate.

V. model chose for Tube chain conveyor conveyor

VI. Tube chain conveyor conveyor plan

VII. Advantages of Tube chain conveyor conveyor

The Tube chain conveyor conveyor can be used as an auxiliary equipment for the tonnage bag unpacking machine and the automatic unpacking machine to realize dust-free unpacking and feeding.

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