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Cement packaging machine

Name:Cement packaging machine


The fixed cement packaging machine is a new type of cement packaging machine product designed and produced by our factory in order to meet the needs of the market. After continuous improvement by our technicians, it has been used by more than 2,000 cement manufacturers across the country and is well received by users.
DGY-50 series cement packaging machine mainly has four types of single mouth (DGY-50-I), double mouth (DGY-50-II) and three mouth (DGY-50-III) four mouths (DGY-50-IV).

I.The machine has the following characteristics:

1.Accurate weighing, stable performance and simple operation;

2.Good sealing, reasonable structure and durability;

3.Small size, light weight, convenient adjustment and maintenance;

4.Electromechanical integration, saving energy. The machine is equipped with pneumatic components such as air compressors and cylinders. Through the principle of machine, electricity and gas, and the principle of lever linkage, it can realize the automatic functions of compaction, loosening, closing of the gate and bag drop.

5.Wide range of uses. The machine is not only used for cement packaging, but also for packaging of other powdery or granular materials with good fluidity.

II.Technical data

1.bag weight:single bag weight ±0.5Kg

2. Bag weight pass rate:98%

3.capacity per mouth:15t/h

4.motor power per mouth:4KW(DGY-50type) 5.5KW(LB-50 type)

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