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Vacuum powder packaging machine

Name:Vacuum powder packaging machine


Vacuum powder packaging machine—has two types of BYCV open vacuum packaging machine and BYFV valve vacuum packaging machine. This product is a new type of nano vacuum powder packaging machine developed by our company with international advanced technology combined with years of experience. It adopts vacuum adsorption technology and is widely used in automatic quantitative packaging of ultra-light and ultra-fine powder materials with poor fluidity and large gas content. Our company has obtained national patent with patent number of ZL201220291618.4.

The vacuum powder packaging machine is suitable for materials with a particle size of less than 400 mesh, a light specific gravity and a high fluidity. The packaging speed is fast, the sealing effect is good, the performance is stable, and the operation is simple. 

I.Technical Features:

1.Adopt advanced vacuum adsorption technology to eliminate gas during material packaging and improve filling effect;

2.The vacuum packaging room is fully enclosed and designed to be dust-free, non-polluting and excellent in environmental protection;

3.Advanced weighing control system, stable and reliable performance;

4.With automatic level detection and standby function, automatic metering, automatic shutdown;

5.Full panel digital calibration and parameter setting, with single package weight setting value, automatic peeling, automatic zero calibration, automatic drop correction, out-of-tolerance alarm and fault self-diagnosis, etc., easy to operate and easy to maintain;

6.The bag is automatically sealed without the need for sewing bags, which is convenient and quick and easy to operate.

II.Technical data:


Packing specs:10-50 kg/bag


Power voltage:380VAC 50Hz

Power supply:7.5KW

Positive pressure source pressure:0.5-0.8MPa

Negative pressure source pressure:-0.075~-0.093MPa

Temperature scope:-10-40℃

Relative humidity:≤80%

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