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Manipulator Stacking
Intelligent three-dimensional warehouse
  • Intelligent three-dimensional warehouse
Intelligent three-dimensional warehouse

所属类别:Manipulator Stacking


  • The intelligent three-dimensional warehouse can automatically store and output the materials in warehouse. It is composed of multi-layer shelves, transportation system, computer system and communication system. It integrates information automation technology, automatic guided car technology, robot technology and automatic storage technology. The integrated system cargo storage is carried out on the inbound platform.

    I.Intelligent warehouse workflow:

    1.The car is transported to the pallet of the storage platform. After the goods are confirmed by the manual, the warehousing process is automatically completed.

    2.The conveyor line automatically sends the pallet to the end of the rack, and the stacker delivers the goods to a pre-allocated location on the main control computer for storage.

    3.The outbound storage of the goods is input by the production management personnel to the main control computer, and the computer controls the stacker to take the corresponding inventory goods out according to the certain principle.

    4.The conveyor line automatically transports the goods to the exit station. At the same time, the pallets that out of the warehouse are stacked on the stacker and sent to the shelf for storage or sent to the storage platform.

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