AGV navigation vehicle

Name:AGV navigation vehicle


AGV navigation vehicle, which is a function transfer vehicle that equipped with an automatic guiding device such as electromagnetic or optical, capable of traveling along a prescribed guiding path, has a safety protection and various transfer functions. It does not require a driver's van in industrial applications. Rechargeable battery can be its power source. Generally, the travel route and behavior can be controlled by a computer, or the electromagnetic track can be used to set up a travel route, the electromagnetic track is adhered to the floor, and the unmanned transport vehicle moves and moves according to the information brought by the electromagnetic track.
     The AGV is characterized by wheeled movement. Compared with walking, crawling or other non-wheeled mobile robots, AGV has the advantages of quick action, high work efficiency, simple structure, strong controllability and good safety. Compared with other equipment commonly used in material transportation, the AGV's active area does not need to be fixed with rails, support frames, etc., and is not limited by the site, road and space. Therefore, in the automated logistics system, it can best fully reflect its autonomy and flexibility, and achieve efficient, economical and flexible unmanned production.

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