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10-50kg Bag Unloadin
Automatic bag unloading  machine

名称:Automatic bag unloading machine


I.CDJ-50 automatic bag unloading machine consists of seven parts: belt conveyor, cutter device, drum screen, intermediate bracket, bag dust collector, screw conveyor and control box.

The working principle of the automatic bag unloading  machine: the bagged powder and granule material is transported by the belt conveyor to the skateboard at a 45-degree angle and slides down the slide plate by gravity. During the sliding process, the bag is cut open by the rapidly rotating blade. The residual bag and material are slid into the drum screen for screening. The material falling from the drum screen is output by the screw conveyor, and the damaged packaging bag, impurities and agglomerated materials are taken out of the body by the drum screen. The dust caused by the knife breaking bag is captured by the bag dust collector and shaken into the screw conveyor. (The material output by the screw conveyor can transported to the material storage tank by the conveying equipment we designed and manufactured, such as pipe chain conveyor, pneumatic conveying system, screw conveyor, etc. 

II.Automatic bag unloading  machine technical features

1.The materials are completely closed during the bag breaking process and the material separation process, and each process has a dust collecting device, no dust leakage, low noise, and improved working environment for workers.

2.Only need one or two people at the site to put the bag on the belt conveyor, which reduces the worker's work intensity.

3.The equipment is simple and reliable to operate, and the failure rate is low, which reduces the maintenance workload.

4.The equipment has been specially designed, the broken bag is perfectly separated from the material, will not be doped into the material, and will not be hung in the separation device.

5.After the bag is broken, unloaded, and separated, it can be used together with other conveying equipment to complete the function of powder conveying and storage.
6.Different sizes of bags can be handled without having adjusting the equipment.

III. Application

Automatic bag unloading  machines are widely used in chemical, petroleum, building materials, metallurgy, electric power, food, medicine, food, environmental protection and other fields, such as lime, magnesium oxide, quartz sand, limestone, wood chips, protein powder, activated carbon, milk powder, PVC powder, fly ash, urea, clay, gypsum, cement, sewage treatment and other additives can be automatically unpacked and unloaded.

As a R&D manufacturer of bag unloading  machines, Anqiu Boyang Machinery manufacture not only automatic bag unloading  machines, but also tons of bag bag unloading  machines.

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