Big bag packaging machine

Name:Big bag packaging machine


The ton bag packaging machine is also called the ton bag automatic packaging machine or the big bag packaging machine. According to the different packaging materials, it can be divided into powder ton bag packaging machine, granule ton bag packaging machine, block ton bag packaging machine, paste ton bag packaging machine, powder vacuum-suction bag packaging machine and mobile ton bag packaging machine. The feeding mode is divided into: gravity feeding, vibration feeding, spiral feeding, belt feeding and the other method.

The package size is generally 500-2500 kg.

The ton bag packaging machine is an automatic quantitative filling system integrating machine, electricity and gas. It is mainly controlled by PLC logic. During the working process, the weighing sensor outputs the relay signal through the weighing controller, and the PLC commands the pneumatic valve and motor to realizes the quantitative filling of the material into the packaging bag, and can form an automatic packaging assembly line with the conveying, lifting and sealing.

Tons bag packaging machine is widely used in the quantitative packaging of granular materials and powder materials in electric power, coal, petrochemical, chemical, fertilizer, food, feed, cement, metallurgy, environmental protection, building materials, medicine, port, bioengineering and other industries.

Feeding method of finished packaging:

According to different materials, use vibrating feeding, spiral feeding, gravity feeding and belt feeding.

The way of moving the finished product packaging: rail car transport, flat transport, roller conveyor, belt conveyor, forklift conveyor, etc.

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