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Air conveying equipment

Name:Air conveying equipment


Air conveying equipment, also known as pneumatic conveying pump, used to transport for powdery materials, suitable for conveying fly ash in power plant, cement raw material, ore powder, gypsum powder, kaolin, alumina powder and food-grade material. The pipeline can be arranged according to the specific terrain to achieve all kinds of conveying for centralized, dispersed, large height, long distance transportation. The transportation process is not affected by the climate conditions so that can ensure the material is not affected by the tide, is conducive to production and environmental protection.

The air conveying device has a simple structure and convenient operation, and can be transported horizontally, vertically or obliquely, and can take physical treatment such as heating, cooling, drying and airflow grading or some chemical operations when convey the materials.

Air conveying has the following characteristics

1. fully enclosed pipeline conveying system, no secondary pollution for leak-free transportation; 

2. Flexible process layout and less space occupation; 

3. High efficiency and energy saving; 

4. Easy for material transportation and recycling;

5. Suitable for computer control, high degree of automation.

Although the air conveying equipment has many advantages, it is inferior compared to the pipe chain conveyor.

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